About Us


When we opened Allegro Pizzeria

in the summer of 1988, we did so for selfish reasons. 

We craved an authentic Italian experience on the Monterey Peninsula. 

The days of my Nonno's tavern with sawdust covered 

floors on lower Alvarado Street were gone. 

As the small fishing village known as Monterey slowly disappeared so did its soul.

A few small restaurants still had some of that old feeling but they did not have the food our more traveled palates were beginning to expect. Some had, great food and a great feeling, but were too expensive or trendy to be called “local spots”. We needed a little “tucked away” spot to discuss life, enjoy good food, family and friends…. and affordable enough to be able to go every week.

So in July of 1988 we set out to capture that elusive dream; the soulful pizzeria that 

exists in every Italian neighborhood. No big deal, just great food, friends and wine.

 That place your feet take you to when you're not thinking. 

And when you get inside,it feels good…like you are home.

Allegro is that place. Simple, healthy, delicious & unpretentious.

 Welcome to our little part of Italy. We hope you enjoy your stay . 

Nina & Jeano

"I personally guarantee every meal we serve.

If we do not exceed your expectations, your meal is on me. Thanks for coming!

Special Events and Catering


The Tap Room, Garden Patio 

& Brewery are all available for private parties. 

We can also cater meals to your venue.

Brewer Dinners


Our monthly "Flights and Bites"  

events feature Local Brews

 with Food pairings